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Erica Harrold has more than two decades of experience in communications, strategy and organizational development work. She makes her living by looking at the bigger picture and helping her clients put the right pieces together. As a consultant, Erica acts as more than an adviser by "getting her hands dirty"and offering pragmatic, effective solutions for businesses and non-profits.

She is certified as a GBCI TRUE Advisor on zero waste initiatives and has worked in leadership positions for government officials, nonprofits and international businesses. She’s had the good fortune to work with people she respects and causes close to her heart.


A life-changing trip to Hiroshima while studying in Japan, compelled her to work with a national peace organization for an end to nuclear weapons. She credits much of her ingenuity and adaptability to the years she spent crafting effective messaging, lobbying elected officials in elevators, building coalitions, running get-out-the-vote campaigns and working with the media as the Statewide Political Program Director for Peace Action. 


Her work in politics ultimately led her to work with the consummate California politician—Jerry Brown—then Mayor of Oakland. She played a critical role in the implementation of his vision for the arts and the renaissance of downtown. 

She has a dedicated mindfulness practice which fundamentally informs her insights into both the human condition and the business world.  See her Linked In profile for details of her work experience.

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